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UPDATE: The Menta Education Group wins TRO against the Illinois State Board of Education

October 23, 2023
A Cook County Judge has granted The Menta Education Group a temporary injunction and restraining order against the Illinois State Board of Education. This movement will allow our Menta Academy Centralia, Menta Academy La Salle, and Menta Academy Springfield to remain open and operational. We are confident the legal process will continue to show that we’ve met every requirement needed to be in good standing with the state of Illinois. We are excited to have our students back in the classroom today. 



Original Statement, October 18, 2023


To our cherished students, parents, and school districts,


Our dedication to the unique needs of our students spans over fifty years, and we continue to prioritize the well-being and education of every student in our care, especially in Centralia, La Salle, and Springfield. It’s disheartening to see the recent actions and claims by ISBE, challenging the approval of our three new programs.

These claims are unequivocally false.

Despite initial approvals by ISBE, they’ve unjustly shifted their stance due to internal oversights. We assure you we’ve met every requirement for program approvals and received explicit confirmation to this effect. We are actively taking steps, including filing an injunction and a temporary restraining order against ISBE, to protect our reputation, our students, and their families.

Thank you for your continued support.  Together, we’ll navigate these challenges and ensure the continued success and safety of our community.

About Our School

Menta Academy Springfield is anchored by a steadfast commitment to the ‘3-C Ready’ initiative, where our focus is to guide each student toward becoming College, Career, and Citizenship ready. Our educational approach is highly individualized, catering to the unique learning paths and developmental needs that each student presents.

We pride ourselves on creating vibrant classrooms that serve as active learning landscapes, where every day is an opportunity for our students to excel academically and socially. 

The educational experience at Menta Academy Springfield is designed to not only impart knowledge but to also inspire a zest for learning and personal growth. 

Our educational spaces resonate with interactive learning, ensuring that students are not merely passive recipients of information but active architects of their future success. By fostering a culture of daily achievements in both educational and behavioral domains, we lay a solid foundation for our students to build upon as they progress through life’s stages.

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We envision a society in which all youth can be successful. As an organization, we are especially committed to making success a reality for at-risk youth.