Why Menta?

The Menta Education Group is a recognized leader in the field of special education, particularly in working with children whose disabilities have precluded them from the successful skill attainment necessary for success.

What we believe

We envision a society in which all youth can be successful. As an organization, we are especially committed to making success a reality for at-risk youth who attend our special needs schools.

Student-Centered Model
Community-Based Learning
Flexible and Tailored Curriculum
Positive Peer Environment
Data-Driven Decisions

Get Help

Our commitment to our students, families, districts, and communities we serve is that every student has the right to be a contributing member of their community. With our special education curriculum, we will ensure they have the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful. Whether you’re a parent or a school district, we’re here to help.

Our Schools

Menta serves 33 schools across three states, each providing the same level of support and expertise to help a child thrive and succeed.
Menta serves six school locations in Arizona, providing specialized educational programs and support for students with diverse learning needs.
Menta has 26 school locations across Illinois, focusing on program development, professional training, and child advocacy.
Menta Education Group's expansion into Texas marks a significant growth opportunity as we introduce the Vanguard Prep School brand and implement our innovative programs within various school districts across the state.


We are proud to celebrate the positive and life-changing outcomes achieved through The Menta Education Group’s special education curriculum.
Nick Gradishar

“If I didn’t join Menta, I wouldn’t have graduated.”

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