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Menta Academy Plainfield is a unique concept in therapeutic day schools that uses open spaces to engage students academically through both project-based and traditional academic approaches. The use of technology at school helps to engage students at all skill levels and age groups with the central focus being on 21st century learning, to prepare students for 21st century opportunities. The modern and colorful setting simulates the hustle, collaboration, and mobility of a real world workplace, in a small package.


Positive student outcomes drive the MAP team to engage students in a variety of ways as students have choices in the manner in which they can show and increase their successful progress, determination, and overall grit in an academic and transitional setting. Motivated staff leads to motivated students.

The team at Menta Academy Plainfield comes from a wide range of amazingly diverse backgrounds and life paths. Their experiences in the real world are used to design a rich curriculum that is not only authentic, but also applicable to life and the staff at MAP teaches skills for life. The care that goes into our planning caters to the entire student as an individual, in academics and in social/emotional health. We have the energy!

Menta Academy Plainfield is a springboard school that prepares diverse learners for the next steps, whether the end goal is independent living, reintegration, graduation, adult programming, or college. Welcoming students from K-22, MAP is prepared and proud to be a contributing part to student success.

Our Kids

Molly Marsh, Menta Student

“Without Menta, I would have been kicked out of school.”

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