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Menta Academy Oak Park offers innovative, state-of-the-art instructional techniques based on scientific research, taught by highly skilled teachers. The curriculum is based on the Expanded Menta Method and Trauma Informed Practices to support students in achieving graduate competencies.

Menta Academy Oak Park utilizes a unique curricular framework that relies on the Expanded Menta Method and Trauma Informed Practices as the foundational principles for the teaching, counseling and mentoring work done by our highly trained staff. Every aspect of the framework supports students with attainment of graduate competencies.

Menta’s Academy Oak Park learning spaces are unique and specially designed to combine traditional teacher/student interaction with state of the art technology and learning innovations. Those learning spaces are flexible and can accommodate a variety of learning activities, such as inquiry learning and project based learning.

Our spaces are designed to mimic productive spaces learners would find in business and/or corporate environments, thereby helping students achieve a mind-set designed for adult learning and work.

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“Without Menta, I wouldn’t have graduated.”

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9 - 12th + young adult transition
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