437Menta Academy Cornerstone Taylorville

Menta Academy Cornerstone Taylorville

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The staff at Menta Academy Cornerstone Taylorville helps each student achieve academic success in the classroom. Our unique educational services are designed to cater to every student’s distinctive developmental and learning needs. We invite you to step into our classrooms, where we’ve purposefully crafted dynamic learning environments that encourage active engagement and ensure a daily celebration of educational and behavioral successes. Your child’s growth and fulfillment are our top priorities, and we stand ready to offer unwavering support throughout their academic and personal endeavors.


Being at Menta often means that, for the first time, a child begins to listen to teachers in class, form friendships with other students and participate in activities at home and at school. Where a less experienced school might call parents frequently, asking that their child be taken home, Menta has created an environment where such calls are rarely, if ever, necessary. What once was a send-a-child-home event becomes a social-emotional learning opportunity.

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