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Country Club Hills (CCH) Transition Program

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The Country Club Hills Tech and Trade Center Transition Program is for young adults, ages 18-22, with unique learning, behavioral, social and emotional needs. This program helps prepare our Trainees for adulthood by providing career exploration, customized employment, specialized vocational and academic instruction embedded with Social Emotional Learning, and comprehensive support services.


Classroom instruction provides students with individualized strategies that are tailor made to meet the unique needs of each student. Our staff provide Trainees with frequent feedback, that is positive in nature, regarding their behavior and skills as they engage with others during the school day and while in the community.  As Trainees continue to refine their skills, they have opportunities to generalize and apply their newly developed skills in various activities out in the community with the support of staff members.

The Transition Program also utilizes a pay level system to teach and reinforce  LABOR expectations and the related skills needed to meet those expectations. Trainees earn work points by participating in assigned tasks and activities. Behavior points are earned for appropriate behavior. Bonus Points may be earned for meeting their LABOR expectations. Trainees enter our program on Level One and progress to Level Four. Students receive bi-monthly paychecks that are calculated based on the number of points earned and the Trainee’s pay level.

Students who are not engaged in the learning process and cannot be easily redirected or re-engaged are referred to the Unemployment Office. The focus while in this space is on teaching and reinforcing prosocial behaviors utilizing a variety of non-restrictive behavioral interventions that are consistent with the student’s behavior intervention plan.

Our holistic educational approach, that is modeled after real life experiences in the workplace, learning environment, and community is designed to support each Trainee as they strive to reach their individualized level of independence.

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