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Job Development and Placement

Empowering students to secure entry-level positions, paving the way for a promising career.

Career Help

Our goal is to assist students in securing entry level positions that will lead to gainful full-time employment by developing skills in the occupation of their choice:

  • Work experiences throughout secondary school years to help students identify interests, skills and supports relevant to the attainment of adult employment.
  • Employment in integrated settings during their last year of school where they are hired directly by the employer.
  • Non-work activities performed in normalized community settings.
  • Adult agency employment specialists working in conjunction with school personnel before school exit.

Volunteering Development and Placementdesigned to assist students in gaining soft skills while interviewing for paid employment opportunities.

  • When possible, cost sharing resources of the school system, state vocational rehabilitation services, and state intellectual/developmental disabilities agency, and
  • An outcome of paid work with post-school support in place before school exit.

Job Coaching Supportassistance may be provided on the job for a few days or as long as needed. It is the belief that customization of the job site experience and natural supports should be used for six months. On-going support may be provided, as needed.

Transportation Training: modifying transportation to fit the needs of the individual and assisting the individual in navigating the community independently.

Enriching Collegiate Experiences:  based on the student’s individual plan, we support the student on the campus in activities such as the enrollment process, meeting with special needs coordinator, and signing up for placement tests

Empowerment through Education: Based on individual goals, develop experiences that provide the development of self awareness that lead to life-long learners.

Referral Process: At least two years prior to graduation, help the student and family identify who else may be able to help them reach goals, such as Vocational Rehabilitation, SESl Health, Division of Developmental Disabilities and invite them to IEP meetings and with the referral process.

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