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Please Describe Your Students

Our student body represents a broad range of academic capacity, from students with significant learning difficulties to those who excel academically. Many of our students experience challenges related to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, autism spectrum disorder, or they may have experienced some form of early trauma. They may have difficulty learning due to neurological differences such as dyslexia or dysgraphia. Students come to Menta when their current school/educational experience is not working and they are struggling to reach their full potential. Menta families have identified that a new kind of learning environment is best for their child.

What will define success for my child at Menta?

Menta provides an environment where children can excel to the full extent of their capabilities. Being their best version of themselves is what defines success for every Menta student. Being their best might mean achieving academic honors and going on to college or it might mean discovering an aptitude for fulfilling work without attending college. We develop customized plans for each student, combining parent guidance with academic and therapeutic insights. Every child’s learning plan includes specific goals to measure academic and therapeutic progress. The team assigned to each student includes teachers, counselors, and therapists experienced in working together and expert in helping students define and achieve their goals.

Who would work with my child at Menta?

A team of teachers, clinicians, and therapists, including the Director of Education and Director of Family Services, is assigned to every Menta student. Therapists and clinicians already working with a student outside of Menta also often play a role in this dedicated team. Menta develops a highly individualized learning plan for each student integrating academics with social-emotional learning. Each student’s plan includes well-defined goals based on diagnosis, initial testing, current strengths, and areas for growth. The Menta team assigned to each student meets weekly to assess progress and discuss any needed plan refinements. And every Menta family works closely with their child’s team to achieve results.

What type of training do the Menta educators receive?

The Menta Group trains school personnel on behavior management (Expanded Menta Method), trauma-informed practices, person-centered planning for students,  and safe de-escalation and physical restraint methodologies (Menta Method).

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