Expanded Menta Method® (EMM)

What is EMM?

Menta designed the Expanded Menta Method ® (EMM) Model using a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) curriculum. The UDL curriculum provides flexible methods, materials, and assessments to help teachers differentiate instruction and meet the unique needs of all learners in a variety of ways, in a variety of unique learning spaces.

Menta’s instructional experts use a Personalized/Blended curriculum to ensure a high level of student engagement. Several online learning supports along with in-person face-to-face instruction facilitates a shift in the way content is delivered, how it’s delivered, when it’s delivered and to whom it’s delivered. In other words, giving students some voice & choice as to what they learn, where they learn it and the pace at which they learn is what defines personalized learning.



The EMM model provides educators with valuable information about students’ strengths and weaknesses to support continued improvement.  Teachers are actively engaged in each student’s learning by incorporating technology, project-based learning, STEM based projects, differentiated instruction and various methods to meet the needs of each individual student. The Menta Education Group uses a universal design for learning curriculum that emphasizes personalization and prepares students to be successful in life.

In our 50+ years of experience, we know that a powerful relationship exists between student performance and what goes on around students and that’s why the EMM model is such a powerful approach.  We use the Foundational Skill Sets to manage and organize adult and staff behavior.   We use Skill Area 1 Variables of Structure to manage and organize the environment.

EMM Graph

Personalized & Blended Curriculum

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