The Menta Method®

As part of the professional development services that we can provide to schools and school districts, The Menta Group offers training in the Menta Method®: Procedures for Crisis Prevention, De-Escalation, and Intervention.

The Menta Method® provides educators with an effective continuum of responses to student behavior. The Menta Method® is built on a foundation of positive behavioral supports and interventions that, coupled with an emphasis on adult management of the learning environment, serves to prevent most crises before they begin. Additionally, it also provides the educator with de-escalation and intervention tools should the situation warrant this level of response. The model identifies the two staff behaviors critical at every level of the continuum:

  • Positive reinforcement of appropriate student behavior
  • Maintenance of emotional self-control on the part of staff members

As part of The Menta Method® training program, adults are trained in strategies to:

  • Prevent a crisis situation
  • Effectively intervene in and de-escalate a crisis situation
  • Safely use research based de-escalation techniques to resolve a crisis situation
  • Properly document incidents
  • Gather and analyze data to measure progress toward student and programmatic goals

The goal of training is to provide not only the tools, but also the confidence that comes from being able to use the tools proficiently and effectively. This level of confidence increases the likelihood that crisis situations can be handled calmly and safely.