Expanded Menta Method

The Expanded Menta Method (EMM) model is the framework that guides the practice of administrators, teachers, and staff at all Menta schools.  The model is based on more than 30 years of institutional knowledge and experience in working with challenging students and is strongly grounded in the principles of behavioral science.

  • The EMM model teaches that adult responses greatly impact student behavior and student learning.  It challenges adults to take responsibility to ensure that the school environment is optimal for students.
  • The EMM framework provides adults with a common language, strategies for developing common expectations and procedures, and a common lens for understanding the school environment and the needs of students.  When adults share the same language, expectations, and understanding, they can more powerfully collaborate to support the needs of all students in a school community.
  • The EMM model provides both content and methodology for training educators in the strategies found to be successful in supporting the performance of students.

EMM Professional Development

Although originally developed to support the work of adults in Menta schools, EMM coaches have successfully utilized the same framework to guide their work with a variety of public schools and school districts in response to requests for assistance in solving a range of problems.

EMM professional development incorporates workshops for staff and administrators that are supported with:

  • Ongoing job-embedded coaching
  • Evidence-based methodology that significantly increases the rate of implementation of new skills and strategies

The EMM coach works on-site with school staff and administrators as they go about their daily work, from the classroom to the hallways, lunchroom, gym, dean’s office, etc.  Coaching takes place wherever school staff work with students, administrators work with school staff, and adults work collaboratively with each other.  In addition, because coaches work individually with staff members, coaching sessions are responsive to the assessed skill level of each individual, further supporting successful implementation.  The duration of coaching services is dependent on the needs of the particular school. Many districts choose to use a train-the-trainers model to increase sustainability well after our direct involvement has ended.


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