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Mesa Center for Success East (Mesa)

7302 E Adobe St, Mesa, AZ 85207
Contact: John Andrews

Mesa Center for Success East (MCS) is a public/private partnership school. The partnership provides district with local control and support, fluidity of placements, and significant fiscal savings.

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In addition to providing a rigorous and excellent education for students, the Mesa Center for Success provides a temporary short-term placement (Alternative to Suspension) for students who would otherwise be suspended from their home schools. The Consortium member districts use ATS for both special education students and general education students. This reduces the number of out of school suspensions for their special education students and the likelihood of repeat behaviors. ATS provides a safe educational environment with support to help the student reintegrate successfully into their home schools.

At Mesa Center for Success East we provide for the academic and social emotional needs of high-risk children and adolescents, grades 7-12. We have a no refusal, no suspension, no expulsion policy, offering a continuum of services to meet the educational needs of this challenging student population.

At MCS we believe that every child has the right to a high quality education. Like all Menta schools, MCS’s Academy’s guiding principle is “we will never give up.” MCS is deeply committed to developing innovative strategies for ensuring that the children in our programs are not left behind. We maintain high expectations for our students, in terms of both academic and social-emotional growth, countering the prevailing prejudices commonly found in the education of children with disabilities.

We believe every child can and will learn. Our students are preparing to be 3 C Ready- College Ready, Career Ready, and Citizenship Ready. Our goal is to ensure that all students master the academic and social skills necessary for an independent and productive life. We create an Optimal Learning Environment that is well structured, engaging, safe, instructional, and responsive to students needs.


  • Mesa Center for Success is an Approved ED-P program through the Arizona Department of Education.
  • Approved Free and Reduced Lunch Provider under Arizona Board of Education.

The Menta Group affiliates are members/partners with CEC, CASE, Autism Speaks, ASBA, AAPSEC, AASA, CCSSO, SEAA, ASCD, and many more associations that focus on the education of children with disabilities.

7302 E Adobe St, Mesa, AZ 85207, 33.4311254, -111.67353309999999
Menta partnered with SEAA, CEC and AZCASE to host a special education forum between Kathy Hoffman and Frank Riggs who are running for Superintendent of Public Instruction.










"I don’t know how your team does it. Each day is like a new start for these students to change their futures."

-School District

John Andrews

Email: john.andrews@menta.com

Jess Frank
Assistant Program Manager

Email: jess.frank@menta.com

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