Process for Determining Menta’s “Profile of a Graduate”

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This 18 month long process started with one on one in person meetings with program administrators, principals, curriculum coordinators & operations directors to identify ongoing curricular needs in each program. Additionally, discussion occurred on what has worked in the past, what continues to work and what will the curricular focus be in order to prepare our students for their futures.

When the curriculum audits were complete all administrators, curriculum coordinators and operations directors met as a whole to review the outcomes of the curriculum audits. Once analyzed, it was determined that a process needed to be put in place to address the following Essential Question: As an organization, what do we need to do to prepare our students for a world that doesn’t yet exist?

The lead organizational curriculum committee came together to consider ways in which all stakeholders could have input on what what our students, in terms of competencies, will need to be equipped with in order to be ready to enter the world as young adults. This is when the idea of developing Menta’s Profile of a Graduate was introduced.

The Profile of a Graduate concept was Beta tested with all the organizational principal administrators. Several examples were presented along with suggestions on how to get the entire organization involved in this process. It was at this point, all agreed to take this concept back to every program and bring together committees of stakeholders to address the Essential Questions:

As an organization, what do we need to do to prepare our students for success upon graduation?
What are the hopes and dreams we have for our students?
What competencies are valued most at home, in school, in the community and in the workplace?
What are the proficiencies that should take priority while students are in school?
What do our students need to be 21st century ready?

Committees of stakeholders ( Principals, Curriculum Coordinators, Clinicians, teachers, paraprofessionals, parents, students & lead administrators) in each program, came together and established a list of priority competencies they felt, were essential in order for students to be “future” ready. The lead organizational curriculum committee looked at the culmination of those priority lists and at this point Menta’s Profile of a Graduate was designed.

A design team worked on creating a visual representation of the competencies Menta students would have upon graduation. The final document was presented to the Menta Board of Directors and adopted
During the Winter of 2019.