Menta Tech Academy

195 Poplar Place, North Aurora, IL, USA
Phone: 630-907-2400

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Menta Tech Academy is a response for need of an educational alternative for students with school anxiety, phobia, refusal or other issues that have led to a lack of student attendance which is significantly impacting educational progress.  Currently, there are limited options available for special education students to meet the requirements for graduation without attending a physical school site.  In addition to completing graduation requirements, there is a need to address the psychological, social, and emotional issues the student is experiencing that present a barrier to school attendance and academic progress.  The Menta Group has a proven history of providing educational programming that addresses the individual student’s needs promoting school success.

Menta Tech Academy is designed to meet the unique needs of special education students as follows:

  • Students who are not attending school due to school refusal, anxiety, depression, or other factors.    There is a documented history of lack of attendance despite interventions.
  • The severity of these issues has caused a complete lack of progress and/or significant decline in academic achievement in all less restrictive general and special education settings.

Each student enrolled at Menta Tech Academy will be assigned to a primary teacher that will serve as the student’s case manager.  Instruction for specific courses may be provided by this teacher or other part-time teaching staff.  The primary teacher/case manager would be responsible for setting the student’s daily agenda, daily contact with the student to ensure understanding of the requirements for the day, supporting teaching staff, providing instruction for some courses and monitoring of student participation and progress.  The teacher assistant plays a supportive role in assisting the teacher in preparation for instruction, being available to students to answer questions, clarify, or check for understanding, assist in  monitoring student participation, time on task, and work completion.

Menta Tech Academy requires students be engaged for a minimum of 5 hours daily and are operates for 176 student attendance days during the regular school year.  Instructional hours can include direct instruction, student completion of assignments, participation in online related services, independent learning, and group activities.  An extended school year is also available for students requiring this service during the summer months.

As a part of the intake process, Menta works with the family to address expectations regarding learning in the home environment, acceptable use of equipment, and participation requirements.  Menta Tech Academy provides all resources necessary to participate in the program which includes a google chromebook and access to a wifi hotspot.  Students communicate with staff via Google Hangouts which offers a platform for visual and auditory instruction, assessment, and communication in real time.  There is also a chat option where students can provide and receive written communications.  Staff develop daily agendas with the student that outlines times and objectives for face to face communications, assignments for the day, and reflections.  As the student progresses, opportunities are presented to encourage gradual movement toward integration into a physical school environment.  Examples of steps towards integration include but are not limited to:

  • Online participation in instructional activities with students in the physical setting
  • Individual one to one instruction
  • Independent work
  • Participation in instructional or related services inside the school building before, during, or after school hours.
  • An increase in the amount of time of spent inside the physical location.


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