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Menta Academy Yuma

2755 South 4th Avenue Bldg 2 Ste 201, Yuma, AZ, USA
Contact: Stacy Jantzi

At Menta Academy Yuma (MAY) we believe that every child has the right to a high quality education.

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Menta Academy Yuma (MAY) is committed to the student with exceptional needs, their families, and our community. Our thoroughgoing pledge and fundamental purpose is to provide a learning environment which will enable the optimal development of each child. “We will never give up”.

MAY is partnering with Yuma County Schools to provide an educational model using the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework. This provides flexible methods, materials, and assessments to assist teachers in differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all of the students we serve. Our curriculum is rigorous, relevant, and reflective. The needs of each student are mapped with the Common Core Learning Standards, providing the teachers with valuable information about the students curriculum strengths and areas that require support for continuous growth and improvement.

Our highly qualified staff is actively engaged in each students learning using Expanded Menta Method, Structured Teaching Model, Blended-Learning, and so much more. This approach comes from three ideals serving as the foundation of the Menta philosophy… college, career, and citizenship ready.

Personalization. Our campus will create a personalized plan that is engaging and motivating to all students, no matter the circumstances. This is done using a data-driven design to set goals and continuous assessment and feedback to ensure all students are receiving the necessary supports specifically designed to assist in their success.

Preparation for Life. Our goals and commitments will help your child become a skillful, independent, and purposeful individual, increasing self-advocacy, becoming a member of the community, and providing the tools to assist each student to reach their potential. The key to achieving this goal is the use of performance-based learning strategies which will place your student as the center of the learning process, allowing the student the opportunity to demonstrate mastery based on high, clear, and commonly held expectations.

Supports for Success. All of our staff understand education is about focusing on the whole child rather than academic achievement alone. Our program will implement a comprehensive system of learning supports that will address social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development along with a continuum of services. The student success also includes reintegration to the student’s home school, high school graduation, college credit, and preparation for post-secondary opportunities.

The MAY team of educators and service providers are looking forward to serving the students, families, educators, and administrations of Yuma County in the most meaningful way.

2755 South 4th Avenue Bldg 2 Ste 201, Yuma, AZ, USA, 32.688426659290855, -114.62007030367431



""Behavior speaks.... we are listening"."

Stacy Jantzi

Stacy Jantzi, MPsy
Program Director
Regional Director Life Skills
Cell Phone: (602)502-9089
Email: stacy.jantzi@menta.com


Citizen of the Year by the Yuma Sun, January 2018.  Link to the article
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