Menta Academy Taylorville 612

100 West Franklin Street Taylorville, IL 62568
Phone: 217-775-0532
Contact: Jenna Colgan

At Menta Academy Taylorville 612, we believe that every child has the right to a high quality education.

Newsletter (PDF)

Menta Academy Taylorville 6-12 is a collaborated effort with Taylorville Community Unit School District and community stakeholders in order to develop an educational service delivery model which is designed to support, motivate, challenge and empower students who have a wide range of academic, social and emotional needs.

The Academy’s mission is to provide each student with a high quality education using state of the art instructional techniques that promote life-long sustainable outcomes. Our unique, innovative learning environment provides the ideal instructional formula in which students, facilitated by highly skilled master teachers, learn via digital online media.  Our methods are steeped in highly recognized scientific research which is designed to provide data driven outcomes.

In 2014, our excellence in transition planning was awarded Illinois state recognition. The overarching goal is transition, be that reintegration, employment, post secondary learning or vocational training designed to enable a young adult to be a fully functioning, participating member of the community. Students, teachers and staff, and family members are all important participants in the on-going transitioning process that includes high expectations and thoughtful planning.

Recognizing that education is a continuous process, The Menta Team is committed to working in tandem with our public school partners to provide a seamless educational experience for all students.

100 West Franklin Street Taylorville, IL 62568, 39.6405683, -89.1836768

Jenna Colgan
Program Director