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ChrisMont (Nokomis)

316 E South St, Nokomis, IL 62075-1300

ChrisMont offers middle school and high school programming to students in the various counties around Nokomis, Illinois.

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The ChrisMont RSSP is a collaborative effort of Regional Office of Education #10 involving seven school districts: Nokomis CUSD #22, Taylorville CUSD #3, Hillsboro CUSD #3, Litchfield CUSD #12, Pana CUSD #8, South Fork CUSD #14, Edinburg CUSD #4.

At ChrisMont we believe that every child has the right to a high quality education. Like all Menta schools, Chris Mont’s, guiding principle is “we will never give up.” ChrisMont is deeply committed to developing innovative strategies for ensuring that the children in our programs are not left behind. We maintain high expectations for our students, in terms of both academic and social-emotional growth, countering the prevailing prejudices commonly found in the education of children with disabilities.

Educational services are intended to meet both the developmental and individual learning needs of each student. Within this framework, students develop both their cognitive and social-emotional skills. All Menta schools maintain safe and positive environments for young people to grow and learn. Classrooms are designed to be active learning environments where young people have the opportunity to experience educational and behavioral success on a daily basis.

At ChrisMont, we focus on preparing students to be 3-C Ready: College Ready, Career Ready, and Citizenship Ready. The focus of each child’s educational program is to prepare him or her for next steps in life. Our problem solving model tracks student progress and aligns with scientifically based interventions proven to improve the individual successes of all children.


  • ChrisMont RSSP is an approved safe school by the Illinois State Board of Education.
  • Approved Free and Reduced Lunch Provider under Illinois State Board of Education.

The Menta Group affiliates are members/partners with CEC, CASE, Autism Speaks, ISBA, IAPSEC, IASA, ISBA, AASA, CCSSO, IAASE, ASCD, and many more associations that focus on the education of children with disabilities.

316 E South St, Nokomis, IL 62075-1300, 39.3001979, -89.2805098

"I would describe Menta as being very helpful and very understanding of what you need. Menta is there for you in every way possible."

-Menta Student

Allyshae Meyers, BASW
Program Director

Email: allyshae.meyers@menta.com

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