Impact – Changing Lives

“It is evident that staff and administration at The Menta Group are very passionate about the work they do with children.”

-Phoenix Assistant Superintendent

“I don’t know how your team does it. Each day is like a new start for these students to change their futures.”

-School District

“We always know that we can send a student to you and you will take care of them no matter what.”

-School District

“Thanks for never giving up on my son!”

-Parent of Hillside Academy Student

“CCH staff care for these students as if they are their own.”

-Parent of County Club Hills School Student

Quotes from Menta Students: 

“When I first started at MAOP I was iffy on college but right now I am certain I will be going to college.”

“Menta Academy helped me achieve my employment goals. I have never missed a day of work and when I get older I want a really good job.”

“I’m going to graduate and most importantly (Menta Academy) helped me mature. I now know I can do a lot with my life and I’m going to start this summer.”

“I like the work I did (at Menta) because it was individualized for me and project based, not quiz and test based.”

“I’m more motivated to get a job and that is my next step, my next goal. Even after I graduate the staff at Menta will help me achieve that goal.”

“My goal is to go to community college and I will come back to Menta after break to get help registering for the placement exam at Triton and I will register for classes. I know I want to do something in the medical field.”

“I would describe Menta as being very helpful and very understanding of what you need. Menta is there for you in every way possible. Easy setting to learn in, it is very comfortable, you have access to different areas, you do not have to be in one place.”

“A project that I am most proud of is my combo class of substance abuse and anatomy & physiology. I created a class and I created the projects and I am very proud of how it turned out.”

“I would tell someone considering attending Menta Academy to be open to new ideas because Menta is not what you think a traditional school is nor is the teaching style traditional.”

“I like the type of work and the flexibility, it made it easy for me to get caught up with my work.”

“Most all of the assignments I was given I completed, even the ones I didn’t need to. I was very determined to be successful in this setting.”

“I just like Menta so much and the people are so helpful, I actually have never been sad about leaving school but I am sad now. I’m going to visit Menta forever and when I have kids, I want my kids to go to a Menta School.”

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