Organizational Leadership

Dr. Rory Conran EdD
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Brian McGowan, BA, CPA
Chief Financial Officer

Brian McGowan is a Certified Public Accountant with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance.

Lynne Nicolas, Psy.D.
Chief Operating Officer
Dr. Nicolas has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology,  Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology.

Jason Kudelka, MA
Chief Operating Officer

Viver Johnson
Director of Program Development

Danyell Taylor, M.Ed, LCSW
Chief Diversity and Engagement Officer

Kristyn Cooper, MEd
Director of Curriculum

Kathy Burwell, MS
Regional Business and Grant Manager

Colleen Fleisher, BA, MA
Director of Curriculum and Literacy Development

Nicole Regis, BA
Director of Human Resources

Tgichona Martin, Ph.D.
Director of Behavioral Services

Heather Bakken, BA
Talent Acquisition Specialist

Danielle Grimmer

Tierney Santoro
Accounting & Project Manager

Mary Hernandez
Regional Director

Richard Grenda
Regional Director

Cara Sullivan, M.Ed
Regional Director

Dr. Shawanda Barga
Regional Director

Elizabeth Conran, EdD 
President Emeritus

Dr. Conran has an undergraduate degree in Special Education, Masters degrees in Educational Leadership and Curriculum and Instruction, and a Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Study.

Laura Mann. PhD, BCBA-D
Vice President Emeritus

Dr. Mann has a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst.

Betty Lambert, MA
ELL Development

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