It is our goal to empower each student to raise their self-determination scores through being a
productive member of their IEP meeting, as self-advocacy is KEY for everyone’s success. A study that
was conducted with a group of students indicated that when students take charge of their learning, with
the responsibility shifting from teacher/parent to student, students are more willing to attempt class
work and complete assignments. When their instruction is linked to their post-school goals, the purpose
to increase the level of rigor begins and students were able to be successful. When students participate
in IEP goal setting, they have a vested interest in achieving those goals. Inappropriate behaviors
decrease as students feel empowered to chart their own course.

Menta partners with school districts, students with disabilities, and their families, collaborates with the
public and private sectors to provide and advocate for the highest quality services that empower youth
with disabilities to maximize their employment, independence, and full inclusion into society.

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