Former students as well as current students:

  • “Thinking back I can only be grateful for my time at Menta and I’d love to come visit when I’m home. I’m still in Boston, doing my gap. I’m actually in a middle school in the Boston Public School system, working and mentoring students. I’m really enjoying my time here, and although teaching is clearly very tiring (as you would know) I really do love what I’m doing here. Hope you’re doing good and the school year is going well! Tell everyone at Menta I say hi, and I’ll reach back out to you to potentially come and visit during a break! Once again, you’re one of the few teachers who left a lasting impact on my life, and I really appreciate it.”
  • “I hope at Menta things are going well and I do miss you guys. I never got to say goodbye or thank you. Thank you for always being there when I needed someone to comfort me, guide me, or give me advice. I know I wasn’t the best person but everything you taught me or spoke to me about just know I listened and carry it with me now. Being at the school I am at is good but it is not Menta and the teachers are great but not as great as you. Looking back I saw how comfortable I was with almost every teacher and the bond I had, I do miss that a lot. You helped me with everything in school and never allowed me to fall. For that I am grateful. It sucked that I had to leave but it was for the better. I am healthy again, I am finding self love, happiness within me etc. I couldn’t have done it without you.”
  • “I love this place!”
  • “Everyone here is really friendly.”
  • “It’s a place I can feel respected and everyone feels respected.”