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Westwood High School (Mesa)

945 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Mesa, AZ 85201

Westwood High School Satellite classrooms are provided through a public private partnership with Mesa Public Schools. The partnership provides students who attend the Westwood High School classrooms support to gain the necessary skills for full integration into the general education classrooms.

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Using the Expanded Menta Method and highly qualified trained Menta staff, Mesa Public Schools serves the needs of their students with disabilities through a continuum of fluid supports and services leading to improved post-school outcomes.

These structured classrooms provide students with universally designed learning opportunities on the general education campus. These learning opportunities provide students with two levels of intervention:

  • The first level of support is aimed at providing interventions that will allow the student to successfully remain on the general education campus. Student interventions are individually designed so students can gain the social emotional skills necessary for success in the general education setting and when appropriate additional academic supports and tutoring.
  • The second level of supports is for those students who are reintegrating from separate therapeutic settings. Reintegration plans are designed to provide the student with the supports necessary for success on the general education campus. The reintegration process focuses on supporting the student, the school community, and the families during the student’s reintegration.

The Menta Group believes that preparing students for a changing world requires an unrelenting focus on developing the skills necessary to be college, career, and citizenship ready upon graduation, serving students in the least restrictive setting, and providing the services necessary to help students successfully transition from school to adult life. For this reason, we strive to collaborate with the communities in which we serve and provide educational services in the communities in which our students live. Through partnerships, we are better able to broaden the quality of services provided and to increase student and community success.

The Menta Group affiliates are members/partners with CEC, CASE, Autism Speaks, ASBA, AAPSEC, AASA, CCSSO, SEAA, ASCD, and many more associations that focus on the education of children with disabilities.

945 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Mesa, AZ 85201, 33.4283714, -111.84956249999999
Menta partnered with SEAA, CEC and AZCASE to host a special education forum between Kathy Hoffman and Frank Riggs who are running for Superintendent of Public Instruction.










"We always know that we can send a student to you and you will take care of them no matter what."

-School District

Kelly Carbone, MEd

Email: kelly.carbone@menta.com

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