Menta Reintegration Philosophy

The Menta Group strongly believes that all children should be educated in the least restrictive environment that meets their needs. To that end, Menta staff are determined to collaborate with all referring school districts in order to support the reintegration of students back into public school and/or less restrictive settings.  Successful reintegration depends on a number of factors:

  • Collaborative Relationship between Menta Programs and the Public School:  Representatives from both programs must team together with the student and family in order to plan for and coordinate every step of the reintegration process. A collaborative team ensures that the student feels supported throughout the process and welcomed in his/her new school, and also ensures that a representative team is assembled to problem-solve together in preparation for the transition.
  • Preparation of the Student and Family: The level of structure, procedures, and expectations for students vary from school to school. It is critical that Menta staff appreciate these differences and work closely with each transitioning student (and respective home school staff) on the specific skills that he or she will need to be successful in his/her new school placement.  
  • A Comprehensive Plan for Reintegration: Reintegration is a stressful process for students and their families.  A gradual transition to a new school environment that follows a pre-determined plan allows for continued support and stability by the original school program, while the student becomes acclimated at the receiving school. 
  • Transportation Planning:  In order to maintain a consistent transition schedule, transportation must be available to move students from one site to the other as planned. 
  • Frequent Feedback & Communication:  Frequent communication between both school programs is essential in order to monitor student progress during reintegration and to quickly identify and solve problems as they arise.
  • Flexible Resources & Supports: The needs of transitioning students vary across situations and over time.  Resources and supports must be easily accessible at both school sites, and schools must be flexible in their selection/implementation of identified resources and supports in order to meet student needs.

Student reintegration specifically follows the standards and procedures established in collaboration with the student’s home school. Following a set plan and procedures during the reintegration process is critical in maximizing each student’s chances of success.

The Reintegration Coach is tasked with facilitating reintegration activities include participating in the development of a reintegration plan with the student’s team (referenced above), oversight and ongoing monitoring of the reintegration plan during implementation, evaluation of reintegration plan success, and acting as a liaison between the sending Menta program and the receiving public school (to name a few). Reintegration supports are ultimately individualized to meet unique student needs, and Menta staff members assisting with reintegration facilitation are flexible in their supports as they work with students, districts, and families in order to ensure student success.

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The student is responsible for meeting the expectations of the fade away plan and working to assure continued success in the new environment. It is imperative for the student to take responsibility for reaching their goals.

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The parents work with fellow stakeholders to assure the students success. Communication between stakeholders is key to their child’s success.

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Collaborative relationships between Menta programs and the receiving public school are essential to meeting the reintegration goals established by the school district. Menta teams contribute to this process by responding quickly and effectively to the needs and requests of receiving public schools, by providing accurate and timely feedback regarding students in the transition process, and by working to actively problem-solve any challenges or problems that may arise.

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Pre-Reintegration: During the pre-reintegration phase, Menta staff work with the home school staff to identify expectations, rules, and procedures that the child will need to adhere to once they return. Once the expectations for return are established, Menta staff work with the receiving school staff on what skills the child needs for successful reintegration. Individualized reintegration plans are developed with stakeholders (i.e., district, parents/families, students, Menta staff) that include documentation of present levels of performance and establishment of goals aimed at increasing student success.

Reintegration: During the reintegration process, Menta staff will come alongside the child by working with them get acclimated in their new setting, to practice any new skills needed in their new setting, and to work toward established reintegration goals (for example). Menta staff will continue to work collaboratively with receiving school staff in order to provide additional training and support needed during reintegration, and will also work with parents/guardians in order to encourage positive parental involvement.

Menta staff and a district staff member generally accompany a student on a “walk through” at the school that he or she will be attending. The walk through process gives the student an opportunity to tour the school, to meet staff members, to learn school rules and expectations, and to gain exposure to their new setting. Student concerns about transition are continually addressed, with necessary supports to address student concerns integrated into the student reintegration plan.

Collaboration between Menta staff, district staff, and the student continues as the student begins the transition process – with collaboration being ongoing until the student is stabilized.  Wrap-around services are provided to the student as needed to support the transition process, and student progress reports are completed at pre-determined intervals. In between progress reports, all involved parties monitor the student and address concerns as they emerge. This “real-time” monitoring provides the support necessary to make reintegration a success. Initial plans (e.g., part-time/full-time reintegration) can be adjusted based on the student’s needs and supports can be added or removed based on the student’s progress. Transitioning students are surrounded by supportive adults and systems intentionally designed to give students the best possible chance for success. Procedures for school visits and progress reporting are established in collaboration with the school district.

Post-Reintegration: The Post-Reintegration phase includes periodic visits with student, home school staff, and parents. The “check-in” includes identification of current levels of performance, strengths and weaknesses demonstrated in the student’s new setting, a review of the current student plan, and adjusting/adding supports needed in order to maintain successful outcomes.

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