About Us



Our Beginning

Bob Neubeck, Karen Evans, and Father Larry Cozzi founded the Menta Group in 1973 because they were concerned about the devastating effects behavior related suspensions and expulsions were having on school-aged children. Beginning with one teacher and one student, the Menta Group now operates numerous private and public/private partnership schools, serving over 3,000 students annually from more than 50 school districts across Illinois and Arizona.

The Menta Group has evolved into a dynamic, responsive, multi-state education organization built on the principle that all students have a right to be in school. We adhere to policy that says no student will be rejected, suspended, or expelled.

Our organization pursues innovative, state of the art practices and collaboration as a means to fulfill our mission. This pursuit has fostered the philosophy governing our service models, enhancing the success of our students, the effectiveness of our programs, and the value our programs have for the parents and the public school districts we serve.

Our Mission

To provide innovative solutions to critical problems in education and human services.

Our Vision

We envision a society in which all youth can be successful. As an organization, we are especially committed to making success a reality for high-risk youth. Our mandate is to be the recognized national leader in serving high-risk youth in educational and social service settings through the provision of empirically based innovative solutions to critical problems in education and human services. We strive to make a positive impact on high-risk youth and the professionals who work with them by focusing on program development, professional training, and child advocacy.

We share a common vision that all youth can and will be successful. This success is unique for all students and includes reintegration to the student’s home school, high school graduation, college credit articulation and preparedness for post-secondary opportunities.