Curriculum and Instruction

Menta’s comprehensive curricular framework  is designed to support, motivate, challenge and empower students who have a wide range of academic, social and emotional needs. Through innovative, highly engaging, data driven instruction, academic and social emotional growth eminent.  

Using a Universal Design for Learning Menta’s framework was specifically developed to support all learners, in a variety of ways, using a variety of methods, in a variety of unique learning spaces. With the end goal in mind, acquiring a rich set of established competencies, Menta’s instructional experts use a Personalized/Blended learning approach to ensure a high level of student engagement. A number of online learning supports along with in person face to face instruction facilitates a shift in the way content is delivered, how it’s delivered, when it’s delivered and to whom it’s delivered. In other words, giving students some voice & choice as to what they learn, where they learn it and the pace at which they learn is what defines personalized learning. 

Menta implements blended learning using a variety of models, a Flex- Delivery Model, Individual Rotation Model, and a Project-Based Learning Model are some of the more commonly used approaches utilized to tailor the learning experiences to individual student interests, increasing student engagement and optimization of learning. 

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