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  • Menta Elementary Speech Competition

    Congratulations to all of the students and schools that participated in the Menta Elementary Speech Competition.  The students in grades 3-5 each created and performed a 3-7 minute speech on the topic of “People Who Inspire Us”.  The selection of inspiring people was touching.  They were judged on the speaking and listening skills that align to the common core learning standards.
    Although all students did a fantastic job, congratulations to our 3 winners.
    3rd Place:  Brian B from CORE
    2nd Place:  Trevon M from HSE
    Grand Champion:  Anthony B from HSE
    A special thanks to Thompson Instructional Center for being outstanding hosts.  Thank you to the teachers that fairly and objectively used the rubric to judge the students and Thank you to Ms. Tina for helping run the event.
    IMG_6390 IMG_6391 IMG_6395 Winners
  • Illinois Iron Chef Competition

    The Iron Chef Competition was held on Thursday, October 8th at CORE Academy.   Six schools (CORE Academy, Menta Academy Hillside, Hillside East, Menta Academy Chicago South, Country Club Hills Tech and Trade Center, and Lake Shore Academy) worked in teams of 2-5 students and competed in creating the Perfect Pancake.  Students spent weeks prepping for the competition.  They not only utilize skills such as teamwork, sanitation, safety, and cooking, they also need to master many of the Language Arts Common Core Standards as well as the Math Standards.  The students research a recipe, they determine how much the item will cost to create and how much they would charge for it, menu design, as well as a presentation on their pancake is all included in determining the winner of the event.


    CORE Academy and Menta Academy Chicago South tied for the championship.  Core created a pancake sandwich that also contained eggs, bacon, and a spicy sausage.  MACS created a sugar lovers dream with their Oreo Pancakes.  All the students involved in this highly competitive event exhibited excellent skills and should be extremely proud of their handwork.